Goosemonger is a humanoid robot that is here to make your life better. From carrying your groceries to sharing a joke, you will wonder how you ever lived without your Goosmonger.

Available in Fall of 2136


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Full Size Humanoid Robot

The G-1000 model is 5’ 3” tall, large enough to sit in an adult size seat and be one of the family yet compact enough to easily stow in a trunk.

Brains + AI

This bot is smart, and not just smart like a calculator. It includes an impressive array of interactions from helping with homework to cracking a joke.


Customizable emotions including happiness, anger, frustration, love (and even sarcasm). You’ll forget that it isn’t human.

Internal Encyclopedia

Internal Encyclopedia with QuickScan® technology makes this bot close to omniscient.


The ability to remember history and actions allows for it to learn and even develop with AI.

Electro-Magnetic Joints

Developed from the same revolutionary technology that created the Gusenburg electro-magnetic engine, its joints can rotate through all points in space making it extremely flexible.

Strength & Fine Motor Skills

Powerful arms and legs allows a Goosemonger to lift over 500 pounds and carry large loads. Small finger tips and electro-magnetic joints allow for needle-threading fine motor skills.

Camera & Projector Eyes

Toss out the selphie-stick, a Goosemonger can take stunning photographs of whatever you desire with its eyes. They also double as a projector to watch your favorite videos anywhere.

Powered by Greenhouse Gases

A Goosemonger bot processes carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gasses to create energy to power itself and emit clean oxygen.

Tri-layer Alloy Coating

Extremely strong shell is made of tri-layer alloy coating composed of rhodium, platinum, gold, ruthenium, iridium and other premium metals.

Made In America

Designed, engineered and assembled in America*.

*Assembly has not yet begun.